Galvanized Iron Wire Price

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We offer a variety of screen styles and materials for different applications.
The following are some of the wire mesh products we produce:

Electro Galvanized Wire
Electro galvanized wire, made of carbon steel wire and mild steel wire, with firm zinc coating has excellent corrosion resistance.

Black Annealed Wire
Black annealed wire, made of carbon steel or iron, is often processed into coiled, spooled or overwound wire for domestic and construction applications.

Soft Annealed Wire
Soft annealed wire, commonly used as tying and bundling wire, has excellent softness and flexibility compared to galvanized or plain iron wire.

High Steel Wire
High steel wire with high quality, high elasticity and high corrosion resistance is supplied in coils, which is mainly used for springs and woven mesh.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Strips
Hot-Dipped galvanized steel strips are carbon steel sheets with zinc surface tightly adhering to steel, which are used for steel pipe, panel, roof.

Chain Link Fence
Chain Link Fence, woven wire fencing made of steel or iron wire, is widely used in sports fields, riverbanks and gardens for its strong, secure and flexible construction.

Welded Wire Mesh
Welded wire mesh is made of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire, which is highly stable, corrosion resistant and rust proof, and is widely used.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels
Welded wire mesh panels have excellent rust and weather resistance properties and are widely used for road protection and school fencing.

What is the use of galvanized iron wire?

Galvanised wire rope is steel wire rope coated in a layer of zinc. The coating helps protect the steel from moisture in the air to prevent the wire rope from being susceptible to rust. This type of wire rope is ideal for use in marine locations where the wire rope is exposed to wet, damp and humid conditions.


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